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NMR Curie Centre in Hubli

NMR Scan Centre


The Usage & Benefits of PET-CT


The majority of PET/CT scans are performed for oncologic applications.  PET-CT scans for diagnosing, staging and evaluating treatments for the cancer patients.
PET-CT scan is to inspect the blood flow, oxygen intake, and metabolism of organs and tissues. PET scans are most commonly used to detect cancer, heart problems, brain disorders, and problems with the central nervous system.



SPECT Gamma Camera

Whole Body Scan

Whole Body Scan

The Nuclear Scan at NMR Gamma Centre is the only one of its kind in North Karnataka. Using the GE Millenium Gamma Camera, it provides functional information about a patient’s specific organ of body system, which an MRI, CT Scan, X-ray or other imaging modalities cannot.

It is a very safe method and does not pose a risk even to children. The patient is more at ease as no fasting or full bladder is required. It provides for static, dynamic, whole body, multigated cardio, tomographic, and gated tomographic nuclear medicine studies. The gamma camera can be used in planar imaging to acquire 2-dimensional images, or in SPECT imaging to acquire 3-dimensional images.




It is extremely useful in:

Musculoskeletal Scan

Can pick up diseases at a very early stage even before other modalities can reveal them.


A safe technique to know the viability of mycocardium before a bypass surgery o- angioplasty, or in case of suspected heart disease.


Rena! functions, obstructions, congenital anomalies and various kidney conditions can be studied.


Unaffected by obesity, the nuclear scan can stjdy Gl bleed, reflux oesophagitis, gastric emptying time, cirrhosis, acute cholecytis, and many other indications.


TIA, brain death, CSF Rhinorrhea, Alzheimer’s and numerous other neurological conditions can be well- investigated when complemented with CT or MRI scans.

Respiratory system

Very useful in investigating emergency situations like pulmonary embolism.

Thyrotoxicosis Treatment

We undertake Low Dose Iodine Therapy 1-131 for Thyrotoxicosis patients.

Abnormal-DTPA-Renal Scan

Abnormal-DTPA-Renal Scan

Abnormal-Thyroid Scan

Abnormal-Thyroid Scan

Normal-DTPA-Renal Scan

Normal-DTPA-Renal Scan

Normal-Thyroid Scan

Normal-Thyroid Scan