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NMR LABORATORY accredited by indian association of Clinical Pathologists-Accreditation No; 1260 working 365 days x 24 hours.

Entire Biochemistry:

Fully automated EM-360 machine 50 biochemistry tests in 15 mins.

Blood Electrolytes:

10 min in emergencies

Coagulation Parameters 

10 min in emergencies

Fully automated cell counter for hematology investigations

Rapid HbAlc-boronate affinity assay to know past 90 days glucose control

Hormone assays Vidas machine reports within 4-5 working hours

Confirmatory tests for HIV infection

TORCH titers for both mother and baby

Serology : Fever panel:

Arthritis panel: CRP titre. RA titre, ASLO titre by quantitative method

Full fledged Microbiology Unit



Supported by Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

We are also associated with
Anand diagnostic center Bangalore
Chanre diagnostic centre Bangalore
Dabur Oncquest laboratories Delhi

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