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Board of NMR Scan Centre

You will find only highly experienced & certified sub-specialty radiologists at NMR. Many respected physicians and healthcare professionals are at the heart of NMR, serving the patients. In addition to expert knowledge and competency, NMR ensures only the highest standard of care is given by the staff to meet the needs and expectations of our patients and referring doctors. NMR staff is known for unwavering dedication to patient care. Their specialized training ensures prompt, accurate and insightful reporting.

Being an ever-changing field, NMR is just as committed to staying in step with technology and keeping the knowledge of every member of NMR up-to-date.

Founder Directors

Dr. R.B.Patil, M.S. F.R.C.S. Dr.P. S. Huilgol, M.S.
Dr. S.G.Joshi, M.S. F.R.C.S Dr.M. M. Joshi, M.S. DOMS
Dr. R.R.Kalghatgi, M.S. Dr.A. V. Kalamdani, D.Ortho, D.N.B
Dr. V.N.Gore, M.D Dr.K. P. Mangalwedhe, M.D
Dr. A. V. Medlery, M.S

Present Board of Directors

Dr. R. B. Patil. M.S. F.R.C.S. – Chairman
Dr. M. M. Joshi, M.S. DOMS – Vice Chairman
Dr. R. R. Kalghatgi, M.S. – Managing Director
Dr. V. N. Gore, M.D. – Technical Director
Dr. A. V. Kalamdani, D.Ortho D.N.B. – Director
Mrs. V. K. Mangalwedhe, MA – Executive Director
Dr. S. M. Dugani, M.Ch. (Neuro) – Director
Dr. Narendra Shah M.D.- Technical Director
Dr. Sameer GoreDMRD, DNB – Director
Dr. Bhushan Gramopadhaye M.D, DM(Neurology) – Director
Dr. B. R. Patil M.S – Director
Dr. Ajit Joshi M.S – Director
Dr. Suhas R KalaghatgiĀ M ch (Gastro) – Director
Dr. Sreenivas Joshi M.S,(OPTH) – Director
Dr. Sunil K. Jituri, D.Ortho – Director
Dr. Anilkumar Bembalgi MD Aneasthe – Director
Dr. Aniruddha Kulkarni MBBS, MCH(NeuroSurgery) – Director
Dr. Raghavendra S. Tophakhane MBBS, MD(Dermatology) – Director
Dr. Vinay Verma Spl. Accupuncture – Director